Whose Responsibility is it to Carry Out Background Checks on Private Tutors?

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

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Tutors International publish article outlining the background checks that should be carried out on private tutors, and who should carry out those checks.

Leading global tutoring agency, Tutors International, today published an article outlining the typical background checks that should be conducted on private home schooling candidates as a matter of course.

Many families place local classified ads to recruit a tutor for smaller jobs, while those that are seeking a tutor as another member of their household staff will typically go through a specialist tutoring agency. Whether a tutor is required for a few hours of after-school tuition or a full-time tutor is needed for a year-long travelling position, that private tutor will be spending unsupervised time with a child, and should therefore be subject to rigorous background research before being hired.

That said, not all tutoring agencies are equipped to handle enhanced checks, so parents are advised to choose an agency with particular care. Adam Caller, IECA member and founder of private tutoring agency, Tutors International, commented that “reputable tutoring agencies are best placed to carry out the ECRB and other backgrounds checks essential to hiring a qualified, verified private tutor.”

“While parents may not, at first, feel comfortable delegating the responsibility of hiring someone who will spend such a lot of time with their children, it is important to remember that hiring multilingual tutors, tutors with qualifications or references from other countries, or tutors with alleged experience of a particular country’s curriculum can be a complicated and involved process.”

Tutors International, who have placed travelling tutors and full-time tutors with families around the world since 1999, have as standard the rigorous procedures involved with background checks and candidate research.

Clients are assured that all references are translated into English and followed up; qualifications are meticulously researched; and police and other background checks are carried out every time a candidate applies for a position. This is all done before the candidate ever meets the client, while in business recruitment such checks are often carried out after a candidate is chosen and can lead to glossing over inconsistencies or failure to follow up entirely.

Mr Caller concluded that, “it is the parent’s moral responsibility to ensure they have taken the best possible precautions when hiring a private tutor. That may mean vetting candidates themselves, or it may mean grilling their private tutoring agency about the details of the checks they are carrying out on candidates on the client’s behalf. A reputable private tutoring agency will take those checks very seriously and legally it is their responsibility to vet those candidates as outlined in their contract.”

Read the full article and learn about the different checks that should be conducted.

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