“UHNW parents tend to choose full-time home tutoring when they didn’t have an elite education themselves”, says Tutors International.

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

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Leading provider of full-time home tuition and elite education solutions, Tutors International, today commented on the backgrounds of parents who seek full-time time tuition, explaining that they want a better start in life than they themselves had.

Adam Caller, who founded the world’s leading provider of full-time private tuition, Tutors International, explained that many UHNW parents didn’t necessarily have much academic opportunity themselves, and want better for their own children.

A BBC article last year reported the top places that “billionaires go to university”. There are the usual elite universities on the list – Stanford, Yale, Oxford, Penn State University, Cambridge, but also some emerging institutions – the universities of Moscow and Mumbai to name two.

One might assume that parents graduating from the world’s top universities, who go on to be worth dollar billions, would form the majority of Tutors International’s clients.

Not so, Mr Caller said: “Private full-time tutoring is the ultimate luxury in education – personalized, one-on-one teaching with a highly qualified teacher, with access to countless resources that schools can only dream of. But it’s actually those high net worth individuals who didn’t themselves go to a good school or have a privileged education, who seek us out. They have succeeded in business through hard work or plain luck to make a lot of money, and understand that fate is a tricky thing. They want the very best education for their children that money can buy.”

Students who, in the past few generations, have been fortunate enough to have an excellent education and have won places at the best private schools and elite universities, and go on to succeed in the banking industry, “tend to come from wealthy families themselves, families with connections and resources. The most natural thing for those people, when they become parents themselves, is to send their children down the same academic path,” said Mr Caller.

“Which is fine,” he continued, “but in our experience, it does tend to be those parents who didn’t have that same privileged background that are more likely to consider other schooling options than the normal private school route. Full-time home tutoring offers the very best schooling out there, and parents who are looking for the best start in life for their children appreciate this.”

More information about engaging a full-time private tutor can be found at www.tutors-international.com.

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