Monday, September 21st, 2015

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Tutors International responds to increased demand for private tutors as more US clients opt for extended family sabbaticals

Tutors International today reported that they have received an increase in the number of US enquiries to place full-time private tutors with families taking extended holidays.

A recent article published by the BBC [1] explored vacation trends in the US and the impact they have on professionals and their families. It revealed that US workers are not legally guaranteed vacation time and, as a result, up to 40% opt out of taking their full vacation entitlement for fear of appearing ‘lazy’ or falling behind in company developments.

As families attempt to work around this stigma, Tutors International today reported that it is receiving more and more requests than ever from US professionals who, instead of taking regular vacation time, choose to take extended, one-off sabbaticals from their jobs along with their families. This is a demand that Tutors International – as a leading provider of exceptional private tutors to UHNW families all over the world – are happy and able to supply.

Adam Caller, who founded Tutors International in 1999, issued the following statement today:

“Not only are sabbaticals popular amongst hard-working professionals, but they can also be crucial for children as well, for much the same reasons as their parents. With increased academic and parental pressure to perform, it is easy for a child to instinctively want to retreat to the back of the class. Allowing them extended learning time outside of the traditional academic environment, along with the benefits of one-to-one tuition, can provide much-needed relief and the freedom to explore their abilities in a more relaxed environment. What Tutors International provide for parents is reassurance and the knowledge that, while their child is getting a well-deserved break, they are also benefiting from high-quality, one-to-one attention from a qualified educator.”

Mr Caller believes that the opportunity to explore other cultures and spend more time as a family can reignite a child’s love of learning and observes that many families opt to continue with full-time homeschooling long after their sabbatical is over.

Tutors International are renowned for their rigorous interview process and handpick each of their tutors to ensure the best fit, with the needs of parents and child paramount at every stage. Private tutors are ideal for extended vacations and sabbaticals, providing the flexibility and for extended periods of travel and a focus on key areas for concern, without the distraction of other students.

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[1] Franz Strasser, America’s national vacation problem, 7 September 2015,

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