Tutors International issues new advice for parents of disappointed A-level students, following concerns by teachers

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

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As schools and exam regulators warned this week of the possibility of ‘variable’ results in 2016 [1], as a result of recent changes to the A-level curriculum, Tutors International offered reassurances and solutions for parents.

The 2016 academic year saw multiple changes in the A-level curriculum and subject matter given to inadequately-prepared teachers and students, across a wide range of subjects, at A and AS-level. As a result, Ofqual warned that exam results were likely to dip. 2016 is also the first year that AS results will not be counted towards a student’s final A-level grade.

Adam Caller, independent education consultant and founder of leading private tutoring firm, Tutors International, was quick to respond with advice for worried parents and disappointed students, and offered potential solutions.

“The issues identified with the latest A-level curriculum, and the potential for a drop in grades, needn’t be a disaster for students. Instead, it could offer the perfect opportunity to revisit the subject matter with a fresh perspective. Private tutors present the ability to tailor the curriculum, and the style in which it is taught, to suit the needs and ambitions of the student. A great private tutor is able to adapt curricula in a way that best suits a student’s learning style and what results he or she needs to achieve to attend their first choice of university.”

Tutors International, founded in 1999, has placed exceptional private tutors with students all over the world, on a full- or part-time basis, studying multiple curricula, sometimes simultaneously, and have repeatedly seen students thrive, even when past results were poor.

Mr Caller added: “If a student doesn’t understand something, a traditional classroom is not the best place for them to be brought up to speed. The one-to-one nature of tutoring, away from the bustle and pressures of the classroom, allows students to learn on their own terms, according to their own specific needs and interests. We have found that by doing this, students’ understanding and interest in new and challenging subject matter is greatly improved. A disappointing grade can absolutely be turned around, and we’ve seen students revisit exams with great success following time spent at home with our tutors. I would happy to hear from any parents with exam concerns and questions about home tutoring, full or part-time, and offer tailored advice.”

To find out more about the services offered by Tutors International, visit tutors-international.com.

[1] Teachers fear A-level results after year of curriculum change. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2016/aug/15/teachers-fear-a-level-results-after-year-of-curriculum-change Sally Weale & Rebecca Ratcliffe. The Guardian. 15 August 2016

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