Tutors International is now accepting applications for two full-time private tutoring jobs in Beijing

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

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Tutoring jobs in Beijing: Tutors International, global provider of full-time private tutoring, announced that is has two vacancies for IGCSE tutors for exceptional placements within a secondary school in Beijing, China.

Tutors International, who provides homeschool tuition for families around the world, today announced two vacancies for private tutors for long-term placements in Beijing, China.

Adam Caller, who founded Tutors International in 1999, said of the positions:

“These are exceptional jobs for the right candidate. We are looking for a Director of Studies and a private tutor to teach a small range of subjects under the IGCSE curriculum to a select group of students in a highly regarded, traditional Chinese secondary school.”

Both tutoring vacancies are very well paid – both positions command a salary of £108,000 per annum, with 45 days annual holiday. Fully furnished and pleasant accommodation with all modern conveniences including high speed Internet will be arranged and provided by the Client. The residence will be within walking distance of the school.

The aim of both roles is to provide a small but growing group of Chinese students with cultural, linguistic and practical support to apply for A-Level or IB education at British schools.

Mr Caller commented: “Although the students will be following the IGCSE courses in six subjects, there are no plans for these to be examined. The role is less about the collection of qualifications and more about the acquisition of the skills required to excel in an environment in which most of the other students have come from Western educational settings.”

Skills such as collaboration, teamwork, reaching agreement and consensus, critical appreciation of text, oral presentation, dialogue, debate, presentation, critical thinking, writing and improved English are the sought-after outcomes.

Both private tutoring positions are due to start between now and January 2015.

Unlike other tutor agencies, Tutors International does not have tutors ‘on their books’ but recruit for each post individually, from all areas.

Mr Caller advises past applicants to re-apply for the tutoring jobs in Beijing if they are a good match for current roles, and not to expect to be called. “We are not a recruitment agency, where you register once and then are called every time a suitable job comes up. This is why it’s important for tutors to keep checking back to www.tutors-international.net, subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about new positions.”

Please visit www.tutors-international.com for more information about Tutors International, and www.tutors-international.net for the latest tutoring vacancies.

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