Tutors International founder announces support for new online listings resource for private tutors and their clients

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

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Adam Caller, founder of leading global tutoring firm, Tutors International, made a statement this week in support of new tutoring recruitment platform, Tutors.Jobs, welcoming it as the new ‘go-to’ resource for passionate educators and the families who seek them.

As well as announcing its support for new online tutor listings website, Tutors.Jobs, this week, and became one of the first tutoring companies to list its vacancies on the new platform. The firm praised the service, declaring it to be a much needed forum for bringing more talented tutors and potential clients together, following the loss of previous platforms offering similar services.

Adam Caller commented: “When the TES discontinued its tutoring recruitment pages, it reopened a gap between tutors and clients. I am delighted to see Tutors.Jobs stepping up to provide a new go-to resource that will see tutors, tutoring companies, and clients connecting in one space, and offering a wide range of services – whether hourly online sessions, or full-time residential or travelling placements. Tutors International is proud to be among the first to list our vacancies on this new platform. We found the whole process very straightforward, and we are more than satisfied that the right candidates will be able to easily find our listings, thanks to the detailed search criteria offered by the site.”

Mr Caller also stated that the development of Tutors.Jobs was another key step towards a better regulated tutoring industry; a cause he, and Tutors International, has long been passionate about.

“This sort of combined force in the industry is exactly what we need in order to work towards a regulated profession for private tutoring, offering standardised quality. I’ve long been an advocate for increased scrutiny and regulation in private tutoring, in the UK and worldwide, to protect both clients and tutors from being taken advantage of. Tutors International takes recruitment and due diligence very seriously, and if other tutoring companies and individuals are coming together under one roof, and adhering to the same recruitment standards and values, it can only be a positive move for the industry. It also makes life much simpler for everyone not to have to check and update multiple profiles on different tutoring sites. It cuts out a lot of confusion for all parties. We will definitely be encouraging our tutors and clients to use the service in the future.”

Tutors and clients can now browse Tutors International vacancies at Tutors.Jobs, as well as on the company’s own recruitment website.

To find out more about Tutors International, the services it provides, and its commitment to finding the perfect tutoring match for each individual client, visit www.tutors-international.com.

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