Tutors International founder, Adam Caller, stresses importance of flexible, high quality educators for homeschooled teens

Monday, March 21st, 2016

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Following recent statements made by Tiffany Sorya, private tutor to Kylie and Kendall Jenner [1], Adam Caller today voiced his agreement and offers further guidance for families on home education tailored to the needs of students in their teens.

Mr Caller, who has worked as a private tutor to families with students of all ages, prior to founding Tutors International, echoes the sentiment that teenagers, in particular, need to have their own passions and talents explored as part of a home education curriculum. He also adds that any curriculum devised for students in this age group must also focus on developing key life skills:

“Developing self esteem and shaping confidence in students is extremely important for learners in this age group. This enables students to tackle time management, problem solving and communication challenges with a positive outlook, and reminds them that, while they might not always succeed first time, it’s okay to try again and persist until you achieve a goal. This is something that is being increasingly bred out of traditional classroom curricula. The support of a quality private tutor who understands the child’s individual talents, skills and needs is extremely valuable for teenage learners. Once children get to a certain age it’s harder to inspire them and maintain their focus, and this is where experienced, qualified educators come in. Tutors need to be flexible and able to balance focused learning time and key exam preparation equally with time spent exploring the student’s own interests and aspirations.”

Since it was founded in 1999, Tutors International has screened hundreds of tutors, via a thorough recruitment and selection process, in order to match tutors with families all over the world, in a variety of different situations and circumstances. When matching candidates with learners in this age group, Tutors International seeks to employ individuals that have great professional qualifications, but who are also innately excellent educators.

Mr Caller added: “Sometimes, people are just naturally excellent teachers. We all have some degree of ability to teach others, which is evidenced by parents teaching their children. Some teachers who are qualified are not great educators, while others just have that innate ability to teach well, but don’t have the formal qualifications. The tutors we look for, and have found to be most successful on placements, are those with both of these qualities. Demand has never been higher for exceptional private educators, and there are some extremely rewarding and exciting opportunities out there for talented individuals.”

To find out more about the services offered by Tutors International, visit tutors-international.com. Tutors can browse the latest vacancies and submit an application by visiting tutors-international.net.

[1] Learning Pro Tips From Tiffany Sorya: Kylie Jenner’s Private Tutor, Natalie Stoclet. Haute Living. March 2016 https://hauteliving.com/2016/03/learning-pro-tips-from-tiffany-sorya-kylie-jenners-private-tutor/602289/

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