Monday, August 15th, 2016

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Tutors International announces 2016 as its busiest year yet as demand for private tutoring doubles

In January, the leading global private tutoring firm this week announced a record number of successful placements in 2015, but demand has since risen by a further 200%, with further growth predicted before the end of the year.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, predicted in January that 2016 would be the year of the private tutor. The firm has seen a consistent and dramatic increase in demand for its services in recent years and have already doubled the number of successful tutoring placements in 2016, compared to 2015.
The firm is now anticipating a total 400% growth rate for the remainder of 2016, having already successfully placed tutors with families in Singapore, Milan, South East Asia, the USA, and more during the first half of the year.

Mr Caller commented: “Our clients and tutors are all very happy. We’ve successfully placed all of our 2016 vacancies to date, and we have more jobs in the pipeline. This is all before we’ve even reached our busiest period. September and October are peak times for us, with the new school year starting and parents identifying the need for further academic support for exam preparations or to address specific educational needs of their child. It is also the perfect time to put plans in place for home-schooling for the 2017 academic year.”

UK-based Tutors International, founded in 1999, receive enquiries from all over the world and maintain a reputation for placing exceptional tutors with families in a variety of situations and circumstances. Many are ex-pats and hard-working professionals, juggling hectic schedules with family life and academic timetables.
Mr Caller added: “Our recruitment and screening process is rigorous and thorough. We are fully committed to finding the most favourable match for both the client and the tutor. We also specialise in placing tutors with families coping with very specific educational needs, such as ADHD and dyslexia, and we are always thrilled to see children thriving under the supervision of our tutors.”

To find out more about the services offered by Tutors International, visit Tutors can browse the latest vacancies and submit an application by visiting

About Tutors International

Tutors International is a worldwide organization providing experienced private tutors to work with children of all ages and nationalities. Tutors are available for full-time tutoring positions, for major support and tutoring outside school hours, or for home-schooling. Tutors International provide provide a bespoke service to find the right tutor that suits the child’s needs and aspirations, and if a live-in tutor is required, it is essential that the assigned tutor is the right match for the family and fits in the environment.

Tutors International was founded by Adam Caller who has tutored students of all ages. He has received specialist training in dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder and is very sensitive to children’s educational difficulties. He has now turned this expertise to recruiting, training and placing other tutors to help families.

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