Travel Tutors

Families are beginning to realise the possibilities open to them in terms of remote working, sabbaticals, and taking children out of school for long periods. Employing a private tutor to travel with the family means that not only are studies uninterrupted, but children and their parents get the very best out of their trip, with a deeper understanding of the geography, language, history and culture of the places they visit, about sustainable, responsible travel, and fundamental skills for living in the wider world.

Moving Between Family Homes

Many of Tutors International’s clients have multiple homes in other countries, and are delighted that a private travelling tutor enables the family to visit them more often and benefit from the whole travel experience. Parents no longer have to wait until their children leave school to take extended trips, while youngsters that travel frequently for a sport or hobby are now able to make the most of their youth without worrying about fitting around a school timetable.

Continuity with School

Tutors and students are often in regular contact with the children’s school, and formal classroom study still accompanies activity-based learning. A travel tutor can devise a programme of study ahead of the trip that combines curricula and materials from school with additional opportunities that new countries and activities present.

Every other Friday they have a Regional Module, where they work with the tutors on the geography, history and culture of the country we are in. They had decided last week that they would put on a Greek play, using their knowledge from Pompeii combined with research into Greek life and mythology. They wrote the play, made props, costumes, programmes and music, and practised and practised and practised some more. Amazing!

Family on a round the world yacht trip