Full-time Tutors

Full-time private tutors instead of school

Typically, we find teachers for full-time tutoring positions or for major support and learning outside school hours but where the tutor still lives with the family.

There are many benefits to home schooling, for the student and their family, and just as many reasons why a family choose full-time private tuition. We’ve placed full-time tutors with:

  • students who were being bullied or felt uncomfortable at school
  • students with special educational needs, such as dyslexia or AD/HD
  • families who wanted to spend considerable time travelling
  • students who have other commitments, such as acting or sports
  • families who want a different educational style or curriculum than that found at school

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Full-time private tutors for short contracts

Tutors International are sometimes asked if we can supply tutors for shorter contracts. Providing a full-time tutor for just a couple of months are easiest to organise in the summer, when lots of teachers become available outside the normal school calendar.

We have successfully filled a number of these short-term positions…

  • a family wanting a holiday tutor in Sardinia
  • a 6-week crash-course in A-level Latin
  • tutoring a sixth-former on a polo course in Buenos Aires
  • intensive revision for a student doing resits in Paris
  • help with an undergraduate dissertation

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