Tuition Fees

Private tutor salary guidelines

The pricing of a job is based on the detailed Specification that we draw up after meeting with our clients. It is based purely on what we know we need to be able to offer to attract excellent educators from their current commitments. The figures are negotiable to some degree, but we do not believe in underpricing the services of highly-qualified teaching professionals.

Having assessed what we need to pay to attract the right calibre of applicant to a particular post, we then calculate the fee to the client. We pay 75% to the tutor; the other 25% is our commission. (For example, fees to the client of £96,000 per annum, will mean a salary to the tutor of £72,000 pa.)

Unlike most recruiters we do not charge our fee in advance and then leave everything to the client and tutor. Our fees are spread over the whole contract term and we remain available to help both the client and tutor throughout the full period.