The benefits of homeschool tuition

Teaching children at home can be rewarding, flexible, and provide them with the education that sets them up for life.

Whatever your reason for wanting to home school your children, the benefits can be seen in your child’s confidence, academic ability and flexibility around your family’s lifestyle.

Whether your tutor is there to provide full-time tuition instead of school, or to supplement school lessons, our private tutors have made a real difference to countless families around the world.

Why home-schooling is good for children

While some children may feel anxious about home-schooling if they are used to a school-based education, many quickly feel the benefits of home tuition in:

  • Freedom to learn and express themselves in a supportive environment
  • Flexibility around leisure activities or other commitments, such as sports, acting or training
  • More time to spend with friends and family, and doing the things they enjoy
  • Educational trips and the chance to learn about the world

Why a full-time home tutor is good for you

  • You have control over your child’s learning environment and what they’re being taught
  • See the progress your child is making and get constant feedback from the tutor
  • Your family has the freedom to travel without disrupting school
  • Tutoring more than two children at home can be cheaper than boarding school
  • Your tutor can arrange extra-curricular activities and outings to support your child’s education
  • Why not talk through the benefits of home schooling with your family?

    My eyes filled with tears as I looked at my sons work a couple of nights ago. In one week the improvements are vast. Our tutor has literally turned that room upside down, creating an atmosphere so conducive to learning. We are so pleased!


    I wanted to say what a fantastic teacher he has been. He and our daughter were able to move through a diverse scientific curriculum using real life examples, field trips and projects. I don’t think she truly knew just how much she was learning. Our daughter’s friend exclaimed ‘this school is fun!’