Private Tuition

Success comes from recruiting the right private tutor

The key to our service is getting a good match between our private full-time tutors and part-time tutors and families, and the way we do this is to recruit properly.

  • First we meet with the family and student(s). We discuss your requirements, your preferences and expectations.
  • Based on this meeting we draw up a detailed job specification, which forms the basis of our recruitment.
  • We place adverts in the specialist educational press. This results in a flow of CVs and resum├ęs.
  • We select suitably qualified teachers and request – and check – three references on each one.
  • We shortlist about half-a-dozen applicants who are interviewed in person.
  • The two best candidates are then put forward to the client for a final selection.

It is this careful, painstaking process that results in such high-calibre candidates and the best match of tutor and family.