Private Tuition

Specialist Private Tuition

Full-time private tutors

We can provide live-in tutors or tutors that reside off-site but assist full-time. This can be to fully homeschool, to significantly aid alongside mainstream schooling, or to work in a custom hybrid model. We’ve placed full time tutors with students who struggled with bullying in mainstream schooling, have special educational needs, have demanding commitments in sports or performing, and families who travel regularly.

There are many benefits to home schooling, for the student and their family, and just as many reasons why a family choose full-time private tuition. We’ve placed full-time tutors with:

  • families who wanted to spend considerable time travelling
  • families who want a different educational style or curriculum than that found at school
  • students who were being bullied or felt uncomfortable at school
  • students with special educational needs, such as dyslexia or AD/HD
  • students who have other commitments, such as acting or sports

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Part-time private tutors

If the number of hours required is significant – say, 12 to 15 hours a week – we can usually help. Though these jobs are not our primary focus, we are certainly prepared to discuss them and have helped numerous families. Although we do not generally offer hourly tuition, if you have exhausted all other options and are willing to find a solution no matter the cost, we will work with you to try and help.

Full-time private tutors for short contracts

We are sometimes asked if we can supply tutors for shorter contracts. Providing a full-time tutor for just a couple of months is easiest to organise in the summer when lots of teachers become available outside the normal school calendar.

We have successfully filled a number of these short-term positions…

  • A family wanting a holiday tutor in Sardinia
  • A 6-week crash-course in A-level Latin
  • Tutoring a sixth-former on a polo course in Buenos Aires
  • Intensive revision for a student doing resits in Paris
  • Help with an undergraduate dissertation

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Travelling tutors

Many of our clients have multiple homes and/or travel extensively for work. This should not mean a disturbed and inconsistent education. A full-time travel tutor provides consistency for students and families accustomed to this lifestyle. It also means a flexible and imaginative approach to education, with tutors able to integrate the changing surroundings and their teaching. One family on an around-the-world yacht trip share their experience:

Every other Friday they have a Regional Module, where they work with the tutors on the geography, history and culture of the country we are in. They had decided last week that they would put on a Greek play, using their knowledge from Pompeii combined with research into Greek life and mythology. They wrote the play, made props, costumes, programmes and music, and practised and practised and practised some more. Amazing!

Tutors International have a sister business, Sea Tutors, that specialise in placing high-end tutors on yachts.

Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and other specific educational needs

Founder, Adam Caller, has received specialist training in dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder and is very sensitive to children’s educational needs, offering many avenues of help. We can ensure a tutor has the appropriate experience and specialist training for any specialist educational need a student may have.

Tutor/Vocational expert hybrids

If you want a tutor that can also nurture and improve a specific interest or talent, we will find that tutor. We have placed tutors who have doubled as sailing instructors and equestrian coaches. Our tailored tuition expertise means we can source a tutor that is so much more than a school teacher.