Sports provision in private home-schooling excels sports provision in private schools: Tutors International reports rise in privately tutored sports stars

Tutors International, the world’s leading provider of full time private tuition, today reported that they are home-schooling more students who hope to become professional athletes than ever before

Adam Caller, who founded prestigious global tuition company, Tutors International in 1999, today reported that the agency has full-time private tutors for more sports professional hopefuls than ever before.

Mr Caller commented, “there is a common assumption that private schools have the best provision for sports than any other form of education. This simply isn’t true. Private home-schooling is more ideally suited to children and teenagers who want to develop their sporting ability than schools can ever provide.”

A recent article in The Guardian announced that education regulators OFSTED reported that private schools provide a head start for pupils in sports.

“This may be true,” said Mr Caller, “but once students get really good at a chosen sport or hobby and want to take it the next level, it is the flexibility, teaching quality and experience that a private tutor and home-schooling can provide that will enable them to follow their sporting dreams.”

Tutors International has long been the go-to agency for full-time, home-schooling by wealthy families – supporting budding sports professionals in their study, fitting in lessons around sports practice, fixtures, and providing a sympathetic, experienced mentor to guide a student through a trialling and difficult period in their lives.

The agency has educated polo players, tennis players, golfers, skiers and snowboarders, rising sailing, wakeboarding and jet-skiing stars, as well as actors, musicians, and artists.

Mr Caller said, “When a student wants to be a professional athlete, or musician, or actor – or anything that involves intensive study and practice that is not part of the school’s fundamental curriculum, they face a difficult choice. Do they focus on school or their passion? If they do both, they often lose out on their social life. Our clients recognise that with a few hours of top calibre private tuition each day, a student can attain top academic grades while putting in the hours of training in their chosen sport or activity. They even get to see their friends in the evening and at weekends.”

Tutors International match private tutors carefully with students and families to ensure a perfect fit. “Students often recognise the need to have good academic results to fall back on – the precarious nature of sports careers, which can be toppled with a single injury, mean they’re well aware that they need to study too. Why force them to decide between the two, when private home-schooling means they can do it all?” comments Mr Caller.

He makes reference to one privately home-schooled student that has just received confirmation of a place at Harvard University: “She is a talented equestrian, a bright and able pupil, and a keen churchgoer with a lot of involvement with her local community. With just four hours each day of private tuition she received extremely high grades in high school, enabling her to go to one of the top universities in the world. She could dedicate the rest of her days to riding, socialising and helping the church. The right combination of study, sports, and social life gives children an ideal start for their professional sporting career.”

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