Social interaction is the biggest concern for parents thinking of home-schooling, reports Tutors International

Monday, February 16th, 2015

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Tutors International, global provider of full-time private tutoring, today reported that parents thinking of home-schooling are more concerned about social interaction for their child.

Adam Caller, founder of world-leading full-time private tuition agency, Tutors International, today reported that parents’ biggest concern when thinking about home-schooling their child is whether they will get enough social interaction.

Mr Caller commented, “The most obvious difference between the school classroom and home-based tuition is that children are away from their friends, and that’s a big concern for parents who are trying to do the right thing by their children.”

Mr Caller reported today that the question of social interaction is one that crops up in most consultations with prospective home-schooling parents.

It’s not always a concern though. “Children who have had a very tough time at school, who have been bullied by peers or even by teachers, or even who are simply more introverted, welcome the opportunity to study quietly, independently, and in a safe environment,” Mr Caller continued. “The children who have close friends still see them in the evenings and at weekends, and we hear from parents that their social life and their academic life are perfectly balanced.”

However, in a situation where a child is happy at school, enjoys eating lunch with friends, is a member of various sports teams or after-school groups, and seems popular and gregarious, parents are understandably nervous about the transition to one-to-one teaching.

“What is important to remember about full-time, private tuition is the flexibility around timetables, the new opportunities for interaction at all social levels, and the personalised curriculum that ensures each child gets what he or she values most from life.” Mr Caller commented. “We have taught many pupils who are rising professional sportsmen and women, whose homeschool day is worked entirely around club practices and fixtures. Other students are keen chess players, so our tutors take them to local chess clubs to learn from, and socialise with, other like-minded people of all ages.”

Mr Caller goes to talk about the opportunities for developing social interests that would be unavailable to children if they were at school, thanks to the support of their private tutor who is trying to find new ways to engage, educate and broaden the horizons of the student in their care. Not being tied to a 9-4 school day also helps, as evening social events can also fall under the remit of the tutor.

Mr Caller concluded, “Once parents are aware of the countless possibilities, the wider and more interesting social interaction that is opened up to their children when supported by a private tutor who understands what motivates that child, how they relax, and what talents they hide, concerns about a lack of social life invariably disappear, to be replaced by enthusiasm and an eagerness to start.”

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