Sea tutors: serious educator or bright companion?

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

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Provider of travelling private academic tutors, Sea Tutors today published an article about the role private tutors play on board the world’s super-yachts.

Adam Caller, the founder of Sea Tutors, today published an article describing the roles that sea tutors are expected to play in life on board.

Sea Tutors fills a specialist niche in the private tutoring sector. It has been created by the prestigious team at Tutors International to provide an academic structure to life on the ocean waves.

Tutors International, who is world-renowned for its exceptional standards in recruiting only the very best educators for its clients, has given itself an even greater challenge: finding exceptional educators who also hold suitable boating qualifications.

There are many services available that match yacht crew with individuals and families looking for nannies, chefs, stewards, and other staff. What these services rarely provide is access to suitable educators of the calibre that many yachting families will expect.

Therefore, many families who own or charter yachts are not even aware that such qualified individuals exist, Mr Caller explains, “Many of our clients would love to take an extended trip abroad with their yachts but worry about how provide a consistent education during that time. Some delay their trips until the kids have left school, any many confine trips to the summer holidays. Even then, parents would prefer that their children were able to keep up with their studies and be able to take advantage of the wonderful, unique learning experiences that are open to them.”

Life on board a boat can actually be fairly dull for children, explains Mr Caller in the article. Despite ‘toys’ like dinghies, jet-skis, surfboards, etc, even a large yacht is a small space for growing children. To keep everyone happy, many parents hire nannies or bright, youthful companions to take on a multifaceted role of childminder, friend, mentor, deckhand and sports instructor.

“What we add into this mix is a serious educator,” says Mr Caller. “We recruit individuals with all the above skills, using the rigorous processes we’re famous for, but with an outstanding academic record and teaching ability, and with the ability to contribute to life on deck as well as tutor students in their school curriculum while utilising the unique learning opportunities on offer from port to port.”

Whether clients plan to spend the majority of their voyage on the open seas, or to use their yacht to move from one location to another exploring the coastline, Sea Tutors provides the same elite education while travelling as can be achieved in a fixed location, while making the most of any setting, absorbing the local geography and culture into lessons.

The Sea Tutors website describes the unique benefit of a sea tutor: “From geology and science lessons on the slopes of a volcano, to helping students write and perform their own Greek tragedies while cruising the Mediterranean, Sea Tutors will make the most of any setting. Having a private tutor on board opens the doors to both adventure and education.”
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