Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

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Sea Tutors launches search for private tutor to join family on yacht for summer holiday placement 2018

Sea Tutors, a specialist division of the leading private tutoring company Tutors International, has posted the new vacancy on behalf of a family seeking short-term summer tuition for one seven year old child on board superyacht

OXFORD, UK: Sea Tutors has launched an immediate global search for an experienced educator to undertake a short-term yacht-based tutoring assignment starting as soon as possible, tutoring a seven year old boy. Significant travel is involved, much of it on a large yacht in the Mediterranean, and the role will concentrate on developing the student’s reading skills and self-confidence. Sea Tutors is seeking an energetic, inspiring, and knowledgeable tutor with an interest in a range of subjects and experience of techniques associated with dyslexia and other mild learning differences.

Adam Caller, founder of Sea Tutors, commented on the bespoke nature of the search: “Whilst Sea Tutors tends to focus on providing long-term, often full-time tutors to accompany families on their international travels, this particular placement is a short-term role designed to set good foundations for a long-term position starting in September 2018. Sea Tutors prides itself on its dedication to providing flexible and elite tutoring solutions to meet any specific requirements a family might have, and we are committed to sourcing tutors who can offer the same quality education while travelling on a yacht as in a fixed location.”

This position requires a resourceful, intelligent, and knowledgeable tutor with a kind and caring disposition, and a firm-but-fair approach to their work. It is important that the tutor remembers that, although the working environment may be relaxed compared to formal schooling, it is essential to remain professional at all times and respectful of the family’s privacy. Periods of this assignment will be aboard the family’s yacht in the Mediterranean, with travel to and from the family’s main residence in New York City and the Hamptons.

Adam Caller noted that tutors applying for this role, or any other role with Sea Tutors, should not expect their teaching to take place solely in a classroom environment: “The tutor should design exciting and engaging projects for the student, incorporating elements of their local environments and using each location as a springboard for their lessons. There may be some occasions of formal tuition, but for the most part the tutor should remain conscious that the family is on holiday, and should weave their lessons into their activities accordingly. There may also be circumstances in which yacht-based tutoring can include the whole family, such as excursions to sites of historic importance for which the tutor has prepared inclusive activities for everyone attending.”

Sea Tutors fills a specialist niche in the private tutoring sector. It was founded by the team at Tutors International to provide an academic structure to life at sea, and it is keen to hear from qualified applicants who are demonstrably able to integrate seamlessly with family and crew and have first-hand experience of life at sea.

Mr. Caller added, “As our growing pool of clients has found, having a private tutor on board opens doors to both world-class education and unforgettable adventures. I encourage all tutoring candidates to read the application details for this role very closely, as attention to detail will be crucial for success.”

To browse all international vacancies currently posted by Tutors International, and to submit an application, visit tutors-international.net.

To find out more about Tutors International and the services it provides visit www.tutors-international.com. For more information about engaging a private tutor at sea visit www.seatutors.com

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