Sea Tutors is now recruiting for two new vacancies for enthusiastic, German-speaking, on-board private tutors

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

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The new tutoring placements, announced this month, are with a single family and will involve extensive sea travel over five and a half months throughout South-East Asia. Tutors International is seeking on-board private tutors.

The three students, all girls, aged 15, 16 and 18, are German speakers, with a keen interest in languages. The family are seeking a German Abitur (Gymnasium) tutor, as well as a broadly capable US tutor, who can offer a variety of subjects at high-school level, to work together with the family. The tutors will accompany the family as full-time crew members aboard their yacht, which has a designated school room.

Adam Caller, founder of Sea Tutors, said of the vacancies: “This is an exciting placement, and the girls really are a delight. They are ambitious, hardworking, serious students and have a variety of interests, including multiple languages and veterinary science. The voyage has been planned around a series of sea passages, involving lots of stopovers and time spent on land. Both tutors should be comfortable with the demands of this type of travel and able to embrace the challenges that come with teaching in a variety of locations. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to plan curriculum and activities according to new surroundings.”

Sea Tutors was formed by the team behind the prestigious Tutors International, incorporating 30 years of knowledge in tutoring placement, providing an academic structure for families travelling by sea. Tutoring positions aboard differ from land-based positions, and applicants must be flexible, enthusiastic and adaptable to these changeable conditions and locations.

Mr Caller added: “Each of the tutors will be recruited according to their own specialism, but they will be expected to work together in the planning and delivery of a full home-education curriculum and flexible timetable that accommodates the individual needs of all three girls. For example, if the Abitur tutor is a language specialist, the US tutor should be able to compliment this with experience in the sciences and mathematics. There will also be times when the tutors will be expected to assist other members of the onboard crew in other duties, such as cooking or mechanics.”

For more information on the services offered by Sea Tutors, visit sea tutors. For more detailed information about these vacancies, and to browse all vacancies, including land-based vacancies, visit

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