School teachers and private tutors are not rivals, and should work together to improve the UK education sector, says leading education consultant

Friday, November 18th, 2016

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Adam Caller, founder of leading global private tutoring company, Tutors International, issued a statement this week expressing his concern at the continued lack of professionalisation of the UK education industry.

Amid an ongoing effort to create a professional body for UK private tutors and tutoring companies, Mr Caller was surprised to discover that there is also, currently, no chartered association for teachers, despite a recent increase in UK teachers leaving the profession and morale at an all-time low within the profession.

Mr Caller commented: “While many people assume teachers and private tutors to be bitter rivals, or at least have different approaches to achieving the same goals, the two are actually more interdependent than it might appear. Tutors are needed to support the work of teachers in an education system that is being increasingly overstretched. In the last year we have seen an exodus of exhausted, unsupported teachers simply walking out of the classroom and dropping off the radar when it comes to access to professional guidance and a dedicated support structure. Those disillusion school teachers tend to join us as private tutors, rather than leave education entirely.”

Teaching is still considered to be a highly rewarding and attractive career in the UK, with many entering the profession to make a difference and inspire others. However, as Tutors International observed back in February, an increasing number of stifled teachers are choosing to turn their backs on the classroom and enter into the private tutoring industry as a way to reclaim flexibility and creative freedom in their work.

Mr Caller added: “Tutors International is happy to welcome such experienced and dedicated educators to the fold. Our concern is that the lack of regulation and standards on both sides of the coin could cause teachers – and students – to suffer as a result. I have observed both tutors and families being taken advantage of by unscrupulous tutoring companies, who are currently answerable to no-one. What I believe is needed is collaboration between teachers, tutors, and tutoring companies to come together and create a tight network of support, guidance, and professional standards that protect everyone – especially pupils.”

October 2016 brought a second record-breaking month in a row for Tutors International in terms of revenue and new tutoring contracts. The agency prides itself on its extensive due diligence and continued care and consideration for the wellbeing of its tutors, and the families they support.

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