Tutors International launches search for private tutor in Japan

Private tutor in Japan: the leading private tutoring firm Tutors International has posted the new vacancy on behalf of a family in Tokyo seeking full time tuition for one 12 year old child.

Tutors International has launched a global search for an experienced educator or teaching couple, effectively bilingual in English and Japanese, for a long-term assignment starting as soon as possible in Tokyo, Japan. The role involves tutoring one boy aged twelve. It will suit an energetic, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor who is both kind and firm in their approach to teaching. The role will initially be based in Japan with a move to America (or England) likely at some later stage.

The student is the youngest in the family. His parents came into their wealth during the gap between their youngest son and his older siblings, and as a result the student has enjoyed a privileged childhood and early adolescence. This sequence has had a significant impact on the family dynamic. His parents are looking to put in place a full time tutoring solution to support the child through school entrance exams, and then either support him whilst at school, or travel to the US with him and likely act in loco parentis while he enrols and studies courses at Flex School or a similar establishment.

Adam Caller, educational consultant and founder of Tutors International, commented on the bespoke nature of the search: “This is not simply a tutoring role; the successful candidate will have to work as a tutor, mentor, guide and friend, and in some ways a surrogate parent. Given that the student will likely be residing with his tutor, this role may be suited to a couple who can share the responsibility for him between them, and bring a range of talents to the tutoring.”

This position requires an energetic, enthusiastic, and interesting teacher who has experience working with bright but troubled children of twelve years and over. The tutor will need to be bilingual (or very nearly) in Japanese and English, and have experience of working in the American high school system. The ideal candidate will also have experience of the Japanese (and possibly the British) curriculum to help facilitate a smooth transition between the systems. The ability to work in Japan and the US, probably through citizenship, is essential, and so the ideal candidates will be dual US/Japanese passport holders.

Tutors International expanded its operations in Asia last year, opening a new office in Hong Kong to meet a surge in demand in the region and to provide tailored service to Asian clients and tutors. The company recruits outstanding educators to work as private tutors with families worldwide.

Mr. Caller added, “Not every family can afford a tutor, and ours is an exclusive service. Our clientele want the best, and they expect us to recruit accordingly. We look for tutors who can operate with confidence and courtesy in a demanding role.”

For more information on Tutors International, and the services it provides, visit www.tutors-international.com. To browse all international vacancies currently posted by Tutors International, and to submit an application, visit tutors-international.net.

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