Adam Caller of Tutors International Extends Offer to Families Housing Ukrainian Refugee Children

Leading educationalist, Adam Caller, has offered to significantly reduce the fees incurred in employing a private tutor for families providing accommodation for Ukrainian refugees with children.

OXFORD, UK: NEWS ALERT! In a magnanimous gesture today, Adam Caller, Founder and CEO of Tutors International, offered the services of his company to help the Ukrainian refugee children losing out on their education as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

Caller announced that for any family providing accommodation for Ukrainian refugees with children, Tutors International will use their considerable experience to find them a suitable private Tutor, charging only 5% of the normal search fee and significantly slashing its usual 33% margin to a mere 5%. This will mean an £800 Arrangement Fee instead of £16,000 and an annual placement fee of around £150k instead of approximately £200k.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 4 million people have fled the country; half of these are children whose lives, along with their education, have been severely disrupted. “Tutors International is determined to support Ukrainian children in these extremely challenging and traumatic times,” commented Caller. “We are experts in our field and our tuition service is unmatched. Tutors International has extensive experience in placing superb private tutors in full-time residential positions. We can also offer specialised help if the child has learning difficulties or if they are gifted and talented and need a tutor to help them reach their potential”.

Tutors International prides itself on its personalised service  offering full-time residential private tuition where a child’s specific needs are catered for.

For more details, contact Adam Caller at Tutors International or for more information about how Tutors International can help, go to our website:

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