Friday, April 26th, 2019

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Tutors International advises families considering private tuition in 2020 to apply now

Leading private tuition firm Tutors International has today issued advice to families seeking private tutors for January 2020

OXFORD, UK: Adam Caller, founder of leading private tutoring company Tutors International, has today urged families considering private tuition in 2020 to begin discussions with tuition providers now. Mr Caller, who has over 30 years of experience in the education industry, advised that the selection process takes time and due diligence in order to best meet individual requirements. This process ideally takes place over a period of several months to ensure that the tutor, student, and family are a perfect match.

Tutors International employs a rigorous recruitment procedure. The student’s educational needs are personally assessed, as are the family’s practical requirements. A targeted international recruitment campaign follows in order to identify and interview suitable candidates. It’s important to note that British teachers must hand in their notice of resignation a full term in advance, so now is the time to start recruiting private tutors for next year.

“I urge parents to realise that the very best elite private tutors are in high demand and availability is limited, no matter how attractive the remuneration package is on offer.”

– Adam Caller, Tutors International

Mr Caller said, “Discovering that the most talented educators have already been engaged can be very frustrating for parents. It requires a meticulous and patient approach to locate and hire a private tutor who can meet every requirement. I urge parents to realise that the very best elite private tutors are in high demand and availability is limited, no matter how attractive the remuneration package is on offer.”

Once applications have been received, Tutors International employs a strict selection and verification process. Time should be allowed for initial interviews with the Tutors International team, enhanced identity and security checks, and thorough verification of qualifications and employment history. Candidates selected to meet clients are subject to further background screening by an external international security firm. Clients are then advised to meet and spend time with the prospective tutors in their homes, or where the private tuition is intended to take place.

Mr Caller added, “Families ought not underestimate the importance of finding a tutor who will fit into the existing home dynamic. There is no substitute for seeing the final candidates in your own surroundings, talking to them in depth, and spending some time together. The selection is ultimately your choice, and the greater time frame you allow for the selection process, the more likely you will be able to secure the ideal private tutor for your needs.”

Tutors International invites families to get in touch to discuss individual needs and assess all options for the coming academic year. To ensure peace of mind, the search for a tutor can commence with no commitment required.

For more information on Tutors International and the services it provides, including full-time private tuition in 2020, visit

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