Tutors International reports record enquiries for private tuition in Asia

Leading private tutoring company Tutors International has seen exponential growth in enquiries for full time private tuition in Asia in the first quarter of 2018

Tutors International today announced it has received a record number of enquiries for private tuition in Asia, with a 400% increase in new client requests year on year. The increase in enquiries from Asian families seeking full time, elite private tutoring solutions follows the recent news that Tutors International has launched  a new regional office in Singapore.

Tutors International originally expanded into Asia last year, opening its Hong Kong office in May 2017 to meet a surge in demand from Chinese families seeking private tuition.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, commented, “With our recent expansion into Singapore and Hong Kong, we are delighted that Tutors International is ideally placed to support families in Asia seeking bespoke tutoring solutions. We have immersed our business in the region, developing our knowledge and experience of local educational demands and trends. As such, we are better placed than ever before to identify and support the unique needs of high net worth Asian families searching for elite education outside of the traditional classroom setting.”

As well as being able to provide one-to-one tutoring in regional curricula, the high-calibre tutors handpicked by Tutors International can support a transition to British or American study programmes for those students seeking to expand their education internationally. Tutors can also travel with families, opening up broader horizons which cannot be explored when children are required to attend traditional schools. Employing a private tutor to travel with the family means that not only are studies uninterrupted, but children and their parents get the very best out of their trip, with a deeper understanding of the geography, language, history and culture of the places they visit, about sustainable, responsible travel, and fundamental skills for living in the wider world.

Tutors International also recently announced the appointment of new Business Development Manager (Asia) Muying Shi to aid its expanding Hong Kong office in providing expert private tuition to a growing number of Chinese families seeking tutoring solutions from full-time home education, to preparation for a move to the UK education system. The firm reported at the time that the swell in demand for its services, coming from Asia, was largely down to the need for reputable, diligent tutoring firms in a market that is saturated with ‘super’ tutors who are more akin to celebrities than educators.

Tutors International recruits outstanding educators to work as private tutors with families worldwide. It has offices in the UK, America, and Asia, and also offers elite tutoring services at sea through its sister company Sea Tutors. It is currently recruiting for a private tutor in Japan and is keen to hear from tutors and teachers with experience in the region.

To find out more about the services offered by Tutors International, both in Asia and internationally, visit tutors-international.com.

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