“Parents are being misled by IGCSE schools” states Tutors International founder

Friday, May 27th, 2016

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Adam Caller issued a statement this week reminding parents that schools offering IGCSEs run by the CIE are not automatically superior to those offering Edexcel equivalents.

Independent education consultant and founder of the leading private tutoring firm, Adam Caller, this week reported his concern that a growing number of overseas parents are being supplied inaccurate information concerning the IGCSE by their children’s schools.

It has come to the attention of Tutors International that many parents are under the mistaken belief that schools offering the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) IGCSE – the international equivalent to a standard GCSE – have affiliate ties to Cambridge University and, therefore, assume that IGCSE results from those institutions have greater academic value than the IGCSE run by alternative exam board, Edexcel.

Mr Caller commented: “In truth, IGCSEs run by Edexcel and CIE are of equal value. Just because CIE is affiliated with Cambridge University, it does not mean that CIE exams are harder, that the results are worth more, or that students with these qualifications are more likely to win a place at Cambridge University. Whether a school offers the CIE or Edexcel IGCSE, or both has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the school itself, the standards of its education, or the inherent value of the exam.”

Tutors International, which was founded in 1999, has worked in placing tutors with families in a variety of situations and circumstances all over the world. Adam Caller regularly meets with prospective clients personally to discuss such concerns. The firm works extremely closely with clients and students to tailor a curriculum and subjects to best fit their specific needs, regardless of the awarding body.

Mr Caller added: “I have met with a growing number of families who have been supplied with partial – and sometimes downright misleading – information from schools, who are using an imagined affiliation with Cambridge University to promote the school or disguise poor results. Pupils cannot hope to compete in a global knowledge market with just 5 or 6 GCSE or IGCSE passes! Schools must provide accurate, transparent information about exams, and the schools’ performance in the context of regional, national and international results.

Results obtained via the CIE are no more likely to guarantee entry into Cambridge than an Edexcel result of the same grade. Many schools offer both, in order to offer a greater variety of subjects to their students. Our concern here is that wealthy parents, who think they are sending their pupils to superior schools with ties to Cambridge University, are potentially being manipulated and misled. There are many other, more important, factors to consider when deciding where to send children to school.”

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