“Nine months is needed to guarantee high calibre tutors,” Tutors International reminds parents to start looking for tutors now

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

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Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International and specialist in international private tutoring, today warned parents that to secure high calibre tutors for September 2015 they should initiate the recruitment process by the New Year.

Tutors International, the world’s leading provider of full time private tuition, today issued a reminder to parents planning to engage a private tutor that they ideally need to begin making arrangements nine months before the tutor is required. If a one-to-one private tutor is needed for September 2015 parents need to start searching by January.

Adam Caller, founder of the prestigious global tutoring agency, Tutors International, warns, “Parents are leaving it too late when making arrangements for private tutoring – and this can lead to disappointment.”

Tutors International states three reasons why it is so important to start as early as possible when hoping to employ a new tutor for your children:

  • The notice period needed for a qualified teacher to give their present employer
  •  The detailed recruitment and screening process undertaken by reputable tutoring agencies,
  •  Visas for overseas positions may need to be acquired; and
  •  A competitive market place means the best tutors get taken first.

A qualified teacher already employed in a school requires to give a minimum of 6 weeks notice, or half a term – senior staff and many working in private establishments may have to give as much as a full term. “We often recruit private tutors who are currently employed in a permanent school-based teaching post. They are unable to start working with us until a clear offer has been made and their notice period is complete,” reminds Adam Caller.

“Each family’s tutoring requirements are different and finding the best tutor for them involves a complex and lengthy recruitment process,” stated Mr Caller when explaining the engagement process for private tutors.“

We are not a recruitment agency with a list of tutors sitting around waiting for a call,” continues the educational specialist. “Each tutor is employed to the specific needs of a family, and this isn’t something that can happen overnight”. Tutors International advises that in order to fulfil a family’s requirements, which may also involve a tutor moving overseas, forward planning is essential. This is the best way to ensure high calibre tutors, but it is time consuming.

Mr Caller was also keen to point out that, like other sectors in the private market, the more experienced, better-qualified tutors are often engaged first: “Last minute tutoring placements can result in parent’s having make a compromise” Adam Caller says, “When we are asked us to find a tutor at short notice we usually succeed. However, to hire the very best, high calibre tutors, you need to start looking early”.

Mr Caller explained a typical nine-month recruitment schedule: “In an ideal world we’d meet a family before Christmas, advertise in the January, review candidates and be ready to have a shortlist by Easter. After the best match is made in the spring term, the final candidate can hand in their notice at the end of that term, work out that period during the summer term, ready to start with a new family in the September”, and Mr Caller emphasised that parent’s often under-estimate how long this process can take.

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