New SAT simulation app endorsed by Tutors International

Monday, October 6th, 2014

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Educational app ‘SAT Simulator’ is praised by Tutors International for its unique full-length exam SAT testing experience, question-by-question corrected answers and indexed full-test scoring.

What does SAT Simulator do?
While taking the test, SAT Simulator allows students to flag questions they’re having difficulty with. The app grades all of the questions, provides written explanations for wrong answers, and presents an approximation of the student’s likely score in a real examination. It is a thoughtful and thorough approach to SAT simulation.

The app itself simulates the experience of taking the SAT examination, providing the same number of sections for each topic and questions in each section as a real SAT exam. The app times these sections, simulating the real-world experience of exam pressure that independent study of the SAT is usually unable to do.

On the benefits of the SAT Simulator, creator Nathaniel Hannan said: “Every sitting of SAT Simulator is slightly different, enabling students to use the app multiple times to prepare for their exams. The primary driver of higher scores is better familiarity with the exam’s time pressure, and increased mental endurance, both of which the app cultivates.”

Why is the SAT Simulator unique?
Private tutor and the app’s creator, Nathaniel Hannan, has 20 years experience with the SAT and its evolution, and extensive experience in preparing students for the exam. David Linton, owner of Arobase Group, an Atlanta-based Apple consultancy, heads the programming team.

When asked what made his SAT simulation app stand out from the crowd, Mr Hannan said: “There are no other apps that provide a full-length exam testing experience, corrected answers and indexed full-test scoring. The SAT isn’t just about answering questions – it’s also about managing time and stress under pressure, something that other SAT prep apps just do not provide.”

As questions from actual SAT examinations belong to the College Board as their intellectual property, Mr Hannan used his own extensive experience with the SAT exams to write the extensive set of practice exam questions himself.

Adam Caller, founder of private tutoring organisation, Tutors International, proudly supports the SAT Simulator, commenting, “Having known Nathaniel for many years I can vouch for his experience at a high level in preparing students for their SATs. The app will be useful for any student wishing to improve their performance and familiarity with the SAT, particularly those who will apply for American university entrance.”

Tutors International was founded in 1999 and provides full-time private tutors to families around the world. The company have worked with many SAT students, delivering after-school support in the run-up to exams and in the provision of full-time SAT tutoring at home.

The app was thoroughly tested by actual students before release. “I asked my former high school students to take the exam, to ensure that students from a range of ability levels found it as challenging as the real thing, and that their scores were similar to their actual exam scores,” said Mr Hannan.

Speaking of his Tutors International colleague, Mr Caller said “Nathaniel is a true professional in his field. His impressive knowledge of SAT and exam preparation has helped many students over the years.”

Plans for the future include creating more SAT exams for purchase within the app, which will provide a larger database from which the app can draw questions. The development team plan to offer versions to simulate the ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, and other standardized tests in the future.

The SAT simulation app can be downloaded from iTunes:

US: iTunes SAT simulation app
UK: iTunes SAT simulation app

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