Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

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New hope for Swedish home-schooling family

A recent ruling from the European Court of Human Rights is giving a Swedish couple hope that their son, whom the government abducted in 2009 because he was home schooled, might be returned to them.

The court ruled in a separate case that children can be irreparably harmed if they are separated from their parents for more than three years. In 2009, young Domenic Johansson was forcibly taken away from his parents because they were home schooling him. Roger Kiska of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), who has been defending the Johansson family, points out that everything about Dominic’s education was legal.

“Not only was home schooling legal at the time — it was limited, but it was legal — but Dominic fit into all of the circumstances in which it was legal,” he explains. “There was no evidence, no due process.”

Roger Kiska (ADF)Since last week’s ruling, Kiska has filed an emergency order with the European Court, demanding that Sweden return Dominic to his natural parents. And he thinks the request will play out in Christer and Annie’s favor.

“It looks like the end is near for this three-year ordeal that this poor family has faced and the time to come to recognize this principle, hopefully throughout Europe and not just Sweden, that parents are the ones who should raise the children and not the state,” the ADF attorney offers.

Swedish officials have not only restricted parental visits, but they have also made a motion to terminate the Johanssons’ parental rights altogether (see earlier story). A Swedish court, however, denied that motion.

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