Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

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Mega-yacht crews keen to add private tutors to the team following surge in demand from travellers, announces Sea Tutors

Ahead of the Autumn semester, Sea Tutors announced this week that it has observed a rising number of enquiries from yachting crews seeking to enhance their on-board team by including a private tutor.

Recent coverage in The Times [1] and the Mail Online [2] describes how an increasing number of wealthy families are turning to the specialist private tutoring company to add an educational angle to family yachting trips, and how a private tutor could potentially become an essential role in any yacht crew.

Adam Caller, founder of Sea Tutors, commented: “This surge in interest is no surprise, now that more families realise that they can take extended travelling breaks with their children with the blessing of headteachers. The tutors we recruit for our clients work closely with the child’s school, and are often at sea for entire semesters, meaning that such long periods of family travel no longer run the risk of being detrimental to a child’s academic progress, and can actually enhance their learning experience. In many cases, time away at sea with an experienced one to one tutor can be just the ticket to refresh and inspire a child’s interest in academia by allowing them to experience new environments and explore the world.”

Having a private tutor as a permanent member of a super-yacht crew could become an essential selling point for those looking to charter a vessel for extended periods.

Mr Caller added: “Just as some yachts boast a world-class chef, or an on-board cinema room, having a private tutor as a permanent member of a charter yacht crew should be seen as a huge bonus for families, adding educational enrichment and a unique learning opportunity to the mix.”

Sea Tutors is a sister company of Tutors International, which has built a global reputation on their thorough approach to matching private tutors with families in a variety of situations and circumstances. In addition to this already rigorous due diligence process, Sea Tutors also seeks to source tutors who have first-hand experience with life at sea, and the ability integrate seamlessly with both family and crew.

For more information and advice about private tutoring at sea, wherever you are in the world, visit seatutors.com.

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