“Like royal nannies, private tutors must show loyalty and deference”, claim Tutors International

Leading private tutoring agency, Tutors International, today compared the qualities expected in the most elite of private tutors with those of royal nannies.

As Prince George turns one year old, there is much discussion about royal babies and their raising. Describing the qualities essential in a recent article in the Telegraph, the author states that royal nannies must show loyalty and deference.

Adam Caller, who founded the globally recognised private tutoring company, Tutors International, in 1999, likens the character traits of a royal nanny to those required by private tutors for his clients.

Mr Caller commented, “Deference seems to most young people these days to be an out-dated and outlandish trait to specify on a job spec. Aren’t we all about self-expression, gut instinct, and equality? Well, no. Most employers, whether they’re a royal family hiring a private tutor or nanny, or a CEO hiring a marketing executive, expect loyalty and deference from their employees.”

“Our clients are some of the most affluent and influential people in the world. We would never supply a private tutor for their family who didn’t display the highest levels of discretion, loyalty, and respect for the family they are placed with,” continued Mr Caller.

“People who lead very public lives are looking for staff who will keep their private lives private,” he continued. “The difference between private tutors and royal nannies and other household staff is that they are not ‘part of the staff’ – they are part of the family. As such, they are in a position of enormous responsibility and privilege and must remain loyal to that family.”

From the Telegraph article, Prince George’s new nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo will avoid the traps waiting to snare a royal nanny due to her “professional training [that] means that not only is she creative with bits of felt, she has a sense of her own professional competence and autonomy.“

The best private tutors, like royal nannies, observe a professional code of practice and are highly skilled educators, confident in their abilities, but show the deference expected in a guest of the family.

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