Global private tutoring market booming as Tutors International announces June 2017 as most successful month on company record

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

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Adam Caller, founder of the leading global private tutoring company, this week expressed his delight at Tutors International’s recent successes, which are continuing to outstrip growth in the international private tutoring market as a whole.

Founded in 1999, UK-based Tutors International provides UHNW families with a bespoke tutoring service that is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances, and has consistently observed significant growth in demand for its services in recent years. June 2017 saw the firm convert more enquiries into tutoring placements than its total number of placements for the whole of 2016.

Adam Caller commented: “The tutoring market as a whole is extremely buoyant at the moment, but Tutors International’s most successful month to date continues to put us ahead of the curve. As awareness of the benefits of private tutoring increases, so does the number of families who are discovering options that will address their individual needs and situation far more effectively than a traditional classroom education. Families require an increasingly flexible and personalised approach to their children’s education, as work and life commitments take them further away from home more and more frequently. They don’t want to sacrifice time spent together to the constraints of the classroom.”

It’s not just big cities that have the super-wealthy flocking in. UHNW families are also taking root in far flung locations such as Albany, the Bahamas, Malta, Mustique and Sao Paulo, to take advantage of property markets and enjoy some extended remote working time with their loved ones. Tutors International, through sister company Sea Tutors, has even placed full-time tutors aboard private yachts to cater for families on extended sabbaticals.

Mr Caller added: “These locations are becoming more and more popular with high ranking professionals and other UHNW families, as the property markets are so attractive while also offering a more relaxing environment to unwind from the stresses of demanding jobs. However, these locations are not always synonymous with high end schooling, and that’s where our private tutors come in. Placements like these allow a talented tutor to use the rich and exotic environment as a learning tool for the child, while enabling reluctant or uninterested students to come out of their shells and enjoy a more diverse learning environment. We’re seeing private tutoring companies like ours fulfilling a more and more vital role for these individuals, with families recommending us to their friends and colleagues looking to invest and spend time in those locations. For example, we recently opened new offices in Hong Kong to keep up with the demand for our services in Asia.”

Tutors International has built its reputation on its thorough, bespoke approach to placements. The firm has successfully matched full-time tutors, on permanent and temporary contracts, with UNHW families all over the world, catering to a broad range of needs and challenges, unique to families with significant means. Tutors International also has specialist experience in placing tutors with families of children with special educational needs, such as ADHD and dyslexia.

Adam Caller welcomes all enquiries from families looking to travel or relocate to discuss their individual educational needs, concerns, and options.

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