HNW families are flocking to New Zealand, and they’re taking their tutors with them, says Tutors International.

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Posted in: Education consultancy

The leading international tutoring firm reported this week an uptick in enquiries from wealthy families seeking increased safety and stability abroad, with New Zealand being a top choice.

Amid Brexit uncertainty and concerns over the current socio-political climate worldwide, an increasing number of families are considering relocation to provide a more stable environment in which to work and educate their children. From enquiries received by Tutors International, New Zealand has repeatedly emerged as a favourite among potential ex-pats.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, commented: “We have heard from a number of families who are ready to make the leap and relocate to another country, but who have concerns about curricula and continuity of their child’s education in their chosen new home. These are highly mobile individuals, with a lot of resources, who can do their job from anywhere, but they’re coming to us because of concerns about New Zealand schools, which may not be equipped to offer the same quality of European curriculum that their children have been receiving. They want a smooth transition, and that’s where our tutors come in.”

Part of the appeal of private tutors to UHNW families – particularly those who travel frequently or for long periods of time – is the ability to tailor curriculum to the student’s needs, wherever they happen to be in the world, assuring continuity of education and enabling children to stay on track academically, even if they are required to move across continents on short notice. Alternatively, if families decide that they do want to move their children to a New Zealand curriculum, a private tutor is a valuable tool in ensuring that the transition goes smoothly, on either side of the world.

Mr Caller added: “Relocation and travel – temporary or permanent – should not be seen as a potential threat to a child’s education and progress. In fact, we’ve repeatedly seen the opposite in children of well-travelled families. A talented tutor thrives in this scenario, as it allows them to exercise their creativity, and use new situations, environments, and cultures to enrich lessons and other learning activities. New Zealand offers a fascinating world of culture, traditions, wildlife, and a beautiful landscape, and this is an irresistible work environment for an exceptional tutor. The opportunities are endless!”

Tutors International has built its reputation around its thorough and painstaking matching process, and its commitment to due diligence, ensuring the perfect match for the individual needs of each family. Adam Caller welcomes any enquiries from families considering relocation to talk about curriculum and tutoring options to suit their individual needs.

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