Headteachers are receptive to pupils’ extended winter breaks – if accompanied by a private tutor, according to leading tutoring firm

Monday, December 12th, 2016

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With family time already at a premium for busy professionals, private tutoring is proving to be an effective way of extending precious leisure time over the holiday season, with the blessing of headteachers, Tutors International commented this week.

This year, more families are opting to extend their winter travel plans, with the permission of schools, with the help of exceptional private tutors travelling on one-off, fixed term placements. Tutors International has worked with families all over the world, including in the UK, who regularly get away for longer over the winter period (and in term-time throughout the year) without backlash from schools.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, commented: “Winter is a time when many of us are ready to get away, particularly around the holiday season. Many of the clients we work with are professionals, who work hard all year round, but are constrained in their travel plans by traditional academic timetables and schools unwilling to authorise extended absences. By providing families with a perfectly-matched tutor for the duration of their break, our clients can enjoy more precious family time away, with their teachers reassured that the child’s academic requirements will continue to be met.”

Tutors International has placed tutors with families travelling all over the world, on land and now also by sea, following the launch of sister company, Sea Tutors. Adam Caller has long promoted the learning benefits of extensive travel with a private tutor who is able to take advantage of the new cultures and environments being experienced and incorporate new surroundings into lesson plans and activities.

Mr Caller added: “Children love to explore new places and surroundings, and a great private tutor can use this to their learning advantage by tailoring this new learning experience to the child’s individual needs and curriculum. Taking learning out of the classroom inspires and allows children to develop new skills on a one to one basis, and can often reignite a love of learning in students who do not respond to the monotony of the traditional classroom. Once the placement is over, the children then return to their teachers full of stories, experiences and knowledge that they can then apply to their studies.”

Tutors International has placed exceptional tutors on one-off, fixed term contracts with families travelling all over the world, to destinations including the Canary Islands and the Caribbean and has observed tremendous results. The company prides itself on its extensive matching process which ensures the ideal candidate for each individual family placement, while Sea Tutors has extensive specialist knowledge on life at sea.

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