Monday, April 15th, 2013

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Fees at Top Private Schools Soar Above Inflation and Make Home Tutoring a More Attractive Option for Many

Tutors International reports an increase in full-time tuition enquiries off the back of independent schools fees hike.

With St Pauls Girls in West London increasing its fees by over 7% to £20,160 and at the lower end of the fee-hike scale, Eton boarding fees rising by 3.5% to £32,067 per year, more families are turning to full-time private tuition, which can now be seen as a comparable education cost but which offers a higher standard of education and greater flexibility for students and families.

Janette Wallis, senior editor of the Good Schools Guide, which carried out the analysis, said: “Many boarding schools, and London day schools, are increasingly relying on the global rich who can afford these fees. Here on British terra firma every time fees rise there is a new chunk of children who fall out of independent education.”

Headmasters argue that the rises are necessary to keep pace with wages and pensions in the state sector and were also fuelled by increases in utility bills. While long established, highly academic schools are raising fees above inflation, confident that it will not affect applications, smaller schools are struggling to survive because of falling rolls, and since the beginning of the year, at least five schools have announced they will close or merge – according to the article in Telegraph.

This is not the first time that independent school fees have outstripped inflation, and if schools continue to increase fees, more and more middle class families will be priced out of the standard of education that top private schools offer, making these schools available only to the global rich.

Adam Caller, independent education consultant and director of Tutors International, commented on the article, “Whether families can afford the fee increases or not, it remains that families are questioning the value of the education their children receive in top independent schools.

“We’ve seen more enquiries for full-time home tutoring than ever before. When you weigh the cost of boarding school for two or three siblings with the cost of a full time private tutor, you’re looking at similar fees, with a lot more flexibility, lower childcare costs, and a better standard of education all round.”

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