Is it free to enquire?

The preliminary enquiry is free. If you’re thinking about a private tutor for your child or children, please get in touch.

Do you provide tutors in my area/country?

Yes. We work with families and tutors all around the world. We have placed tutors on travelling superyachts and in remote communities in the Puerto-Rican mountains. We will find you the best tutor for your family no matter where in the world you’re based.

Do you do hourly tuition?

As a general rule, not really, but there are exceptions, so by all means enquire but we specialised in full-time residential tuition. If the number of hours required is between12 to 15 hours a week we can usually help. Though these jobs are not our primary focus, we are certainly prepared to discuss them on a case by case basis.

Is the service discreet and confidential?

We have extensive experience working with ultra-high net-worth clients and fully understand the need for discretion and confidentiality. All potential tutors sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. For additional security, we arrange professional background screening by Kroll FPR.

What’s Tutors International’s rate?

The pricing of a job is based on understanding our Clients’ exact requirements. Subjects, levels, location, urgency, security and many other factors all affect the costs. Once we have met you and discussed your needs in detail, we will be able to advise on the precise fees. Fees tend to start at £120,000. Whatever we charge, we always pay 75% to the tutor. For example, fees to the client of £224,000 per annum would mean compensation to the tutor of £168,000 per annum.

Our fees are negotiable to some extent, but we do not believe in under-pricing the services of highly qualified teaching professionals. We also need to set the fees at a level that will ensure that we can continue to provide the highly personalised services that we are known for. With almost two decades of experience to call on, we have come to understand how to truly satisfy our clients’ exacting requirements.

Tutors International is not an agency. We do not make our margin upfront and then leave everyone on their own. We employ our tutors and our fees are spread over the whole contract term. We remain available continuously to both the client and tutor throughout the full period to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Where can I apply to be a tutor?

If you’re a tutor looking to apply for a Tutors International job, please check the ‘current positions’ section of our tutors’ website: www.tutors-international.net

Please note that all current jobs are posted here, and there are no others. If a job is listed then you can apply for it. There are no closing dates.

Please follow our @TI_Jobs Twitter account to be kept up to date on new vacancies.

How can I be kept up to date with TI news?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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