Monday, May 20th, 2013

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Educating Third-Culture Kids: Global Corporations Support Relocation for Employees and Families But Don’t Have the Expertise to Advise on International Education

Tutors International publishes advice for relocation services, international employees and expatriates on schooling in other countries.

Tutors International doesn’t believe that companies or relocation services understand international education options or have the ability to offer sound advice on schooling employee’s children in a new country. Adam Caller, founder of leading private tuition provider Tutors International and independent education consultant, has published advice to parents on education options for their children during extended periods of traveling abroad.

Mr. Caller commented, “We’ve found that parents come to us when they’ve been asked to relocate abroad for work, but are confused about the schooling options available to them. Some are nervous about enrolling their children into local schools because the change in curriculum, new friends and a new language could have a detrimental effect on the child’s performance. Others are frequent travellers and have previously enrolled their children in IBO-certified schools, but now find there isn’t one nearby. As the IB can’t be home-schooled, should they switch to a US or UK education system instead? There are many questions surrounding international education, and parents are naturally worried about making the right choice. I hope that we were able to address some of these concerns in our article.”

International organisations, NGOs, and foreign embassies are regular contributors to the global movement of employees. Many offer relocation advice, often recruiting the help of a specialist relocation company. Tutors International has found that even specialist relocation advisors do not have in-depth knowledge of international education systems, or are unable to appreciate the individual circumstances of the client. Returning to their home countries when a contract is over or when the person is not longer employed, and therefore without relocation support, can also throw up problems and integrating back into the original education system can prove problematic.

Mr. Caller advises relocation companies or anyone considering global relocation with his or her family to seek the advice of an education consultant or specialist in international education to ensure a smooth academic transition and a pain-free start to their children’s schooling in another country.

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