Friday, January 6th, 2017

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Donations accepted by elite British schools in exchange for coveted places should not be taboo, says leading private tutoring expert

Adam Caller, independent education consultant and founder of leading private tutoring firm, Tutors International, made a statement this week defending private schools vilified for allegedly accepting ‘bribes’ from wealthy parents.

Mr Caller, whose career in education spans over 25 years, addressed allegations in the press [1], made in December, that some of Britain’s elite private schools are allowing wealthy international parents a ‘free pass’ in exchange for substantial donations, and pointed out that the process is not as ‘dodgy’ as it is made out to be.

“First and foremost, it is entirely within the law for these institutions to consider donations in exchange for special consideration or to fast-track an application. The only reason practices like this cause a scandal in the press is because schools are not open and transparent about it. I think people often forget how these revered educational institutions came into existence in the first place. I certainly don’t think it should have a negative impact on the reputation of a school. If the child in question isn’t capable of working to the required exceptional standard, or cannot pass an entrance exam, they’re not going to get in, no matter how much is pledged. I also disagree that it is wrong for a family to attempt to use their wealth to advance their child’s education. My main concern would be that the individuals brokering these ‘deals’ may be giving out poor advice to parents. Tutors International has had to step in and pick up the pieces in the past for wealthy families who have been taken advantage of or misled by such ‘experts’”.

Educational inequality was a hot topic in the UK press in 2016, with private tutoring also coming under fire [2]. Tutors International received a record-breaking spike in demand in 2016, and this is likely to continue well into 2017.

Mr Caller added: “There are various ways in which parents can benefit from private tutoring for their child, whatever their circumstances or budget. Any amount of time a child can spend one-to-one with a qualified educator to focus on their own goals and address their individual issues – even if it’s just for an hour per week – can, and does, make a huge difference, and this has now been backed up by scientific research. Tutors International is always happy to offer accessible, actionable tutoring advice and recommendations to any family who wishes to get in touch.”
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[1] Inside Story: How to buy a place at a top school Claire Newell et al. The Telegraph. 9 December 2016.
[2] Is Private Tutoring to Blame for Educational Inequality? Alex Dyer. Huffington Post. 3 October 2016.


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