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Bullying in Private Schools

Bullying is one of the biggest issues schools face today. Unfortunately, no school is immune. There are many reasons why many parents turn to private schools, however, to help safeguard their child against bullying.

Small Classes
With a lower teacher-to-student ratio, incidents of bullying may be less likely to go undetected.
Children who may be victims of bullying may be more easily identified by teachers.
More supervision may prevent bullying before it starts.
Since most bullying tends to occur in places where students gather — in classrooms and on school grounds — more supervision can help reduce acts of bullying.

Because private schools are usually equipped with the latest technology and equipment, school grounds and computers will likely be more closely monitored.
Better technology helps administrators put an end to incidents of bullying — including cyberbullying.
The use of filtering software on computers, for example, can stop cyberbullying.
Some schools deal with the issue by installing closed Circuit TV cameras throughout the school and its surrounding property.
Private School can be an equalizer, another factor helping kids get along better

Perfect Fit
Public school populations are largely determined by geography. With private schools, parents have the advantage of selecting the perfect environment to suit their child — whether its philosophy, culture, religion, and academic needs.
Consequently, students are more likely to fit in with the student population. This may help reduce the chances of them becoming a victim of bullying at school.
For example, a gifted child may be singled out by a bully in a public school, where she is the only gifted child in the class. In a private school with academic programs focused on gifted children, however, she is more likely to blend in with her classmates.

Private schools have the resources to give all children the attention they require. They are likely to have special programs and resources in place to address any potential behavioral issues. This may prevent children from becoming bullies in the first place.
Private schools also have more staff and resources in place to deal with any problematic issues that may arise.

Private school administrators have a distinct advantage than those in the public school system when it comes to bullying.
Because they have control over their school’s enrollment, children who are bullies and those with serious behavioral issues may be less likely to step foot in their classrooms.
Unlike the public school system where school boards set the rules, private school administrators have more power to weed out the culprits if bullying does occur.

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