Brits Wanting to Go to Ivy League Universities Turn to Private SAT Tutoring to Increase GPA

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

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Home tutoring agency, Tutors International, announce an increase in help with SAT preparation for UK students wanting to attend Ivy League Universities.

British and US students living in the UK are increasingly turning to private home tutoring organisations like Tutors International ( to raise their SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores ahead of their applications to American colleges.

Adam Caller, founder of the Oxford-based private tuition agency and one of only two UK members of the prestigious US-based Independent Educational Consultants Association, today reported a rise in the number of enquiries for private SAT tutors to help teenagers increase their grade point average (GPA).

“In the US college system, students are required to score around 2150 points to even be considered for Ivy League universities such as Harvard,” said Mr Caller. “We’ve had an unprecedented number of requests for tutoring to help increase students’ GPA and enable them to compete for those coveted top college places.”

Around 4,500 UK students apply for places at US colleges each year, with 40 UK students accepted into Harvard last year, and the US Universities Fair in London reported attendee levels this year reached all-time high.

Entry to Harvard is competitive, with around 17 applicants for each place. While the university admissions team is not necessarily looking for outstanding academic achievement – the personality and ‘roundedness’ of the individual is very important in the US college system – with competition for places so high, a high SAT score is a perquisite to getting through the first round of entrance assessment.

Mr Caller continued, “Students and parents approach us – usually after practice SAT tests have not produced the scores they hoped for – and ask how private tutoring can help them get better SAT scores, quickly. Our SAT tutors are on hand to start tutoring almost immediately, and with intensive tutoring, we’ve turned around the GPA of several students from mediocre to well over 2000 in just a few weeks.”

Tutors International require their SAT tutors to have direct experience of the US education system, to have taken the exam recently, and to have scored an average of 2250 points – well above the standard required by Ivy League colleges. They recommend a minimum of 18 hours of intensive study, which is tailored to work on the individual student’s weak areas, and the tutor is on hand to help them with the whole application process.

For more information about SATS or applying to US universities, contact Adam Caller at Tutors International.

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