‘An Association of Private Tutors Will Not Hinder A Tutor’s Ability to Do Their Job’

Amid controversy over plans to found an Association of Private Tutors in the UK, Tutors International reassures tutors that any association given the go-ahead will aim solely to provide a useful, supportive organization for private tutors.

Discussions have taken place between private tutors and private tuition companies, at the invitation of CMRE, to look into the foundation of a UK-based Association of Private Tutors.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International and a member of IECA (Independent Education Consultants Association), is dismayed by the slant that has been placed on the venture, and the misrepresentation of the consultation’s aim.

The recent report from the Tutor Pages gives the impression that tutors themselves are opposed to an association of private tutors.

“If it were the case that an association [of private tutors] was seriously considering not allowing tutors to teach a subject they didn’t hold a degree in, I would be opposing the venture too!” stated Mr. Caller. “But the truth is that the CMRE is currently in such early states of discussion about the project that all these sorts of ill formed notions will be ironed out in subsequent stages of the consultation.”

Mr. Caller was invited to participate in the consultation as both Director of Tutors International and as a private tutor himself.

“The people currently involved in the discussion have the interest of private tutors themselves at heart,” Mr Caller continued. “Any resulting association of private tutors will only serve and support tutors in their job. In a way similar to the National Union of Teachers, the Tutors Association will provide guidance and support on being a good private tutor, not restrict access to the profession or hinder tutors from doing their job.”

There are questions that arise around standards monitoring and CPD, but Mr Caller stresses that tutors should be encouraged to participate in discussions, rather than dismiss the project out of hand: “This Association is being sought for the benefit of all private tutors, not for the benefit of the tuition companies, and it certainly doesn’t intend to tell private tutors how to teach their subject, but it will aim to support those tutors in the job of tutoring.”

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