Adam Caller appointed Head of the Residential Panel by TTA

Monday, December 8th, 2014

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Founder of Tutors International, leading provider of full-time residential tutors worldwide, was appointed by the UK’s Tutor Association to head up the panel to determine the code of conduct for residential tutors.

Today it was announced that the first meeting of the Residential Panel of The Tutors Association (TTA) was held in London.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, the leading provider of full time, residential private tutors worldwide, was appointed to head up the panel, which met this week to discuss a formal code of conduct for residential private tutors.

The following UK tutoring organisations were represented on the panel: Tutors International, Tutoring Futures, Carfax, Bonas MacFarlane, and Riviera Tutors (who were unable to attend).

The global private tutoring market is projected to be worth $102.8 billion by 2018. The UK market alone is worth £6 billion and it is believed that residential tutoring represents around 1% of the total tutoring market.

“1% may seem a small figure, but in terms of fiscal value, the full-time home tutoring market is huge. Tutors International commonly place residential tutors with an annual salary of upwards of £80,000. Now, with UK industry regulatory body, The Tutors Association, up and running we finally have the opportunity to shape the standards of the industry and preserve integrity for residential tutors in this country,” commented Mr Caller.

The Residential Panel met to discuss how far, if at all, the sub-sector of residential tutoring differs from the wider tutoring market, and what steps are needed to properly represent the interests of tutoring companies, private tutors and clients in this area.

Mr Caller said, “A Code of Conduct for private tutors is a must, and The Tutors Association is looking carefully at the development of this Code as a general guideline for member tutors. However, there is a world of difference between after-school tutors or online tutors, where the parent is often close by for the duration of the tutoring session, or the whole lesson is recorded in the case of e-tutoring, and full-time residential tutors, who often find themselves in loco parentis.”

As such, the Residential Panel, headed by Mr Caller, aims to determine how far a Code of Conduct for live-in tutors differs from TTA’s more general Code of Conduct.

It was agreed that there are significant differences in the behaviours required from a residential tutor – one of the examples given was that while an hourly, after-school tutor is chosen on subject knowledge alone, a residential tutor is regarded as a key member of the household staff, and sometimes even as part of the family, and therefore their personal views and opinions, their hobbies and interests, are of great consideration to the client.

Further meetings of the panel will assess how far these differences will contribute to a different or sub-set of the general Code of Conduct for private tutors that are members of The Tutors Association.

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