What We Do

A private tutor can give your child the education that’s right for them

Tutors International is a bespoke recruitment service. We meet with you and discuss your child’s needs and aspirations, then we draw up a job spec and search for the tutor who best suits the post.

We have provided tutors in a wide variety of situations…

  • helped students re-take critical exams
  • supported youngsters with AD/HD and dyslexia
  • maintained continuity in education for the children of expats
  • provided alternative schooling for young sportsmen
  • found a gifted tutor for gifted youngsters
  • helped students move between school systems, eg. UK/US
  • maintained schooling for child actors on location

We specialise in full-time, live-in private tutors, but can also provide short-term home tutors and part-time after school tutoring – anywhere in the world.