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My husband and I have been very impressed with J’s maturity, wisdom and insight into our son’s issues. He is very astute and has made many observations that we had not considered or thought about. Our son already really likes him and after 2 days said that he wanted to work exclusively with J. as ‘ I really feel he can understand how my brain is and how I feel.’ All 3 children have expressed how happy they are that he has joined the team and seem to really like his approach.

We are all very happy about the progress and the boys are extremely excited to go to school. Never a word of refusal. Unfortunately we missed one day of school this week (yesterday) and both boys did not like that at all. Good sign!
We as parents are happy so far as well.

Italy home school

I’m not sure whether Ben will have advised you already of the final results. P achieved 9 A*s ; A in Latin ; A in Further Maths paper.

An excellent set of results. We’re delighted with the outcome, which was made possible through our use of your firm.

Many thanks for your help in finding B. It was certainly a worthwhile investment for us.


P is great! Perfect match! O and M are very happy! Parents as well! Thx for the great help!!!


I think it’s fair to say all is going well. M (the Tutor) is very pro-active and has secured assurances that K (the student) will be able to sit some exams before year end. K is happy and seems to be applying himself well.

We are pleased with K’s progress and his new found enthusiasm for English studies. I think Kieran is responding well as M. has a quietly assertive nature with K. and also, with us sometimes too. I think this works well.


Just thought I would let you know that D. got into Berkeley University
and is off to California in August.

SAT Student

We are very happy with our tutor, he and W work so well together. We wish him to continue. He is absolutely brilliant.

Yacht, Sea

She came to help me out and thoroughly “threw herself” into it, everyone loves her and she seemed to have fun. Which is pretty amazing, sort of a “Family Test”, can you deal with our chaos? She did great and seems excited to come back in 3 weeks.


Things have been very good with the tutor. She shows commitment and is warm and friendly, but firm with the children.


As you know our tutor is now back in California. She did an absolutely outstanding job and I would like to thank you again for having arranged for her to come and work with E & C. A great success for both of them.