C has opened up to the tutor and they get on well. I find the tutor very enthusiastic in her teaching.

Amman, Jordan

Our tutor is fantastic! [M] took to him straight away, and all is well. I can’t thank you enough for the perfect tutor!


Our tutor has been a great blessing to [P] and [B]. Would it be appropriate to give him a 15% raise? He is an outstanding educator.


Our tutor remains a breath of fresh air. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at my sons work a couple of nights ago. In one week the improvements are vast. Our tutor has literally turned that room upside down, creating an atmosphere so conducive to learning. We are so pleased! She is firm, but approachable; she is conversational with the children and us –truly a delightful person.


The children are flourishing in school. Needless to say, we could not be more pleased. The tutor is incredibly talented and delightful to be around, we are enjoying her tremendously. This is what we had hoped their experience would be with a tutor.


It has been a pleasure getting to know Adam. We are impressed with the service you provide and are enthusiastically looking forward to meeting the candidates.

Atlanta, Georgia

We are all (girls included) very happy with our tutor. She is very calm and has more control. She has fitted in perfectly so far and we are confident that this will continue to be the case.

Battersea, London

I am mightily impressed with the tutor. He struck an immediate friendship with our son by bringing him from the U.S. the third book in a series that our son really likes but hadn’t yet read. He set up a good study schedule that my son has stuck to with pretty minimal grumbling. My son is the hero in a melodrama [in a school play]. Our tutor practices with him, not only reading the lines but also blocking the scenes and helping our son develop his character. They both performed the melodrama for me one night and I saw my son as a confident performer, sure of his lines. The teacher praised him for his characterization. What a great boost for his confidence! I could not have done that. So, thank you again for making this happen. I know it’s still early days, but I think things are working really well.


Thank you for the good work you are doing with the boy, he’s owing you his future!


The tutor is doing a great job and our daughter is enjoying her science segment and as well he has been able to tap into her fashion passion. As usual you chose a great candidate!