A Quality Service

A private tutoring agency that really is different

Most tutoring agencies only provide a few hours teaching a week, and when they offer to fill more significant contracts they don’t do very much: a quick chat, a trawl through a list of teachers, a finder’s fee… and it’s not their problem anymore.

Tutors International is completely different, in fact, as far as we know, there is no other agency offering our kind of custom service.

To find the right tutor we meet with the family

We always meet with the clients and students, ideally in their own home. Sometimes this involves a long flight, but we can see no other way of getting the right match with the tutor. Our service is completely private and confidential – we don’t even send potential tutors to be interviewed by clients until they have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

We try to be flexible – our draft contract can be altered to suit specific circumstances. We can draw on specialist help if needed, including a Harley Street educational psychologist. And we provide ongoing support and back-up throughout the contract period.