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An able and experienced educator is required for a long-term assignment starting September 2019. The role requires teaching two children, a girl (4) and her younger brother (almost 2) as the family travel from their base in England. It will suit an energetic, inspiring and knowledgeable Early Years teacher with an interest in a range of subjects including martial arts. The role is renewable on an annual basis on the agreement of both parties.


An able and experienced educator is required for a long-term assignment starting as soon as the ideal candidate has been identified. The initial term will be 12 months minimum, and may be extended annually, for several years, if all parties agree. The role involves tutoring two girls (11 and 5), together with some elements of PA-type work. It will suit an energetic, inspiring, child-friendly and knowledgeable educator with a practical, grounded outlook and a proactive approach to problem-solving, and someone comfortable with people from all social strata, someone who is in touch with nature and at ease in isolated locations.

The family have a number of homes and have recently settled in Florida to be near their maternal grandfather. They also maintain homes in central Florida and Maine. Life in each location has a very different feel and covers a wide range of circumstances from the highly affluent to the very basic. The Client’s best friends come from all walks of life and the girls have been raised to see richness not as measure of what can be attained or acquired materially but through neighbourliness, solidarity, hospitality and fellowship. The Tutor will need to as comfortable staying in a luxurious spa hotel as they are in a basic cabin away from major conurbations. Travel, volunteering, and a willingness to ‘muck in’, sometimes with underprivileged families, is a component of this role. For this family, the warmth of friendships, kindnesses and seeing the good in others is at its strongest in among their least affluent friends and this balance is at the core of what kind of family they are. The Tutor should be someone who only adds to this glow as part of their natural disposition.


A highly qualified, broadly educated and physically fit tutor is sought to accompany a successful businessman while he goes about his business and leisure, with the objective of improving his English, Ivrit, presentation skills, and acting as a personal coach. The principal focus will be helping the client with the presentation and promotion of his developments in the physical chemistry and environmental sectors.

It is anticipated that the ideal candidate will be personable and well educated, with a sharp intellect and excellent language and presentation skills. This full-time position will demand a great deal of commitment and flexibility and will offer the right candidate an intellectually rewarding and interesting job.


An experienced and capable educator is required for a long-term home-school assignment, primarily working with a 10-year-old boy. The role calls for a Tutor with demonstrable experience teaching a wide range of IGCSE subjects, a love of the expressive arts in general and a deep-rooted understanding of the subtleties and nuances of communication in a broad sense of the word. The overarching goal of this position is to give the student the lifelong skill of knowing how to learn.

The role is based in Moscow and starts in September 2019. It will be renewable on an annual basis by mutual agreement, for several years.

Shanghai and Beijing

A highly able and skilled educator is required as soon as possible for this full-time tutoring position working with one student, a businessman in his late thirties. The student left formal education in his late teens and went into business, where he has been very successful. He has now decided that he would like to invest in himself, to learn spoken and written English to a high standard, and learn to understand and appreciate western culture.

The role will be based mainly in Shanghai and Beijing with considerable travel to a wide range of destinations around the world. The role requires someone who is highly intelligent, erudite, cultured, well-read, sporty, and both socially and culturally versatile.