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North Dakota

A caring and resourceful individual, preferably with plentiful experience of classical curricula, is required to work with a charming young lady aged 16. This is a full-time home-schooling role starting in September 2020, or as soon as possible afterwards. The ideal Tutor will offer a breadth of subject knowledge and home-centred education expertise. They will be responsible for building strong academic foundations, boosting confidence and adapting classical skills. The Tutor will be dynamic in their approach of interweaving any such appropriate syllabi with the curriculum currently followed by the household, in collaboration with the girl’s mother and long-standing educator.

The role will predominantly be based in North Dakota and will possibly include some periodic trips to other locations.


An inspirational and patient educator is sought to work with a lovely girl aged 9. She will be starting a new school in September and a full-time home-school teacher is required to accompany and assist her to fully access, understand and develop material delivered online.

The Tutor will adhere to the school’s philosophy and make sure that all objectives are met and exceeded where possible. The role is most likely to take place in Silicon Valley, California. The second semester may see a change in US location.

California, Wyoming
An able, flexible and highly experienced tutor is required to help manage and enhance the education of three brothers, aged 9, 12 and 14. The role will predominantly take place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or across other locations in California, including travel further afield. The role will ideally commence as soon as possible, and last for at least one year. SEN specialism and US teaching experience required.
A creative and inspiring educator is required to fulfil a full-time home-schooling role to start no later than January 2021. The Tutor will be responsible for the education of a delightful boy, soon to be 8. They may have the opportunity to collaborate with another teacher and pupils of a similar age in the ‘pod’ created for Covid-19. A love of travel and the outdoors, along with SEN experience, would be highly beneficial. The role will commence in Kentucky, USA.