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Here are our current vacancies for Tutors. If you’re interested in working for Tutors International please visit our Tutor site. It shows our current job adverts and features both online registration and job application.

  • Travelling
    A dynamic, broadly capable educator is required to work with two girls aged 11 and 13. This is a full-time role involving a good deal of travel, concentrating on the development of the girls as individuals rather than traditional education goals and achievements. The Tutor will work to provide the girls with a well-balanced educational experience that is not dependent on any specific curriculum. The main delivery mechanism will be project based learning (PBL), and the Tutor will need to interweave and knit different pathways and experiences of life together to ignite the girls’ passions and to enable them to pursue these passions to whatever levels they want. The Tutor is expected to travel between South Africa, England, and other European countries, especially Italy, as well as spending periods of time at sea.
  • Travelling
    An able and experienced educator is required for a long-term assignment starting September 2019. The role requires teaching two children, a girl (4) and her younger brother (almost 2) as the family travel from their base in England. It will suit an energetic, inspiring and knowledgeable Early Years teacher with an interest in a range of subjects including martial arts. The role is renewable on an annual basis on the agreement of both parties.
  • Luxembourg
    An experienced and capable educator is required for a long-term home-school assignment, primarily working with a 13-year-old boy. The role calls for a Tutor with demonstrable experience teaching a wide range of IGCSE subjects and a love of active participation in a variety of sports. Although based in Luxembourg, there may be increasing amounts of travel required. This role starts in January 2019 and will run until the end of the exams in May/June 2021. After that the contract will be renewable annually by mutual agreement with all parties.