5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Child’s Private Education

Monday, January 14th, 2013

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Private education: Tutors International have published guidance for private school parents on how to keep informed on their child’s progress at school and ensure they don’t slip behind.

A recent enquiry to Tutors International from a private school pupil herself, highlighted to the agency, who place elite private tutors with families around the world, a lack of support for struggling students in independent schools.

Adam Caller, senior partner at Tutors International, comments in the article, “Parents pay huge fees to private schools in the belief that they are securing the very best education for their child. But some independent schools lack openness and candour in disclosing problems at an early stage, fearful that pupils’ parents may take their child, and their money, elsewhere.”

In the article, entitled, “5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Child’s Private Education”, Mr Caller encourages parents to keep on top of their school’s promises to deliver a high quality education by regularly asking yourself some searching and fundamental questions, including ‘Is the school tailoring materials to fit the child?’ and ‘Is my child being stretched outside as well as inside the classroom?’

Mr Caller has a long history of teaching in schools and in private tutoring, before founding Tutors International in 1999. He is also an independent Education Consultant, with specialist training in special educational needs. He states that he has been concerned for many years about private schools burying problems until it’s too late. Mr Caller states, “Parents are paying huge fees to send their children to private schools, and schools don’t want to admit to failing to spend that money wisely to ensure the very best education and pastoral care for their pupils, so if there is a problem, it is often buried until it’s too late – usually when the pupil and taken and failed exams.”

About Adam Caller
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